Monday, December 31, 2012

Bring On 2013!

Well! The holidays are almost over, and here, on New Years Eve, I am left trying to find the words to write up a newsletter for everyone. I guess the best I can do is tell it like it is. :)

The best Christmas present I could have ever asked for was given to me with out any real fuss: my permanent partner visa has been granted! The next step in my immigrants journey is getting my dual citizenship set up. I look forward to an even more secure future now. :)

I achieved a few goals in 2012, and have more planned for 2013.

2012 was many things: it marked our second anniversary, my second year living in Australia, a three week long trip to visit home to see all my wonderful friends and family again, my goal of achieving at least some SS values. It was success in my garden, it was a renewal of old skills, and the learning of new skills. I had succeeded in sourcing suppliers of free range eggs and chicken, grass fed beef and, most recently, fresh milk. I had finally made some efforts at coming out of my usual seclusion to meet people and make new friends in the area.

I have all of these successes now to help me further build my confidence for the new year.

My goals for 2013 include building my much wanted cold smoker, building and establishing a top bar hive, increasing my garden yields even further (and perhaps finding more customers), finish my hand pieced, hand sewn quilt, finish sewing the doonas for winter bedding, make more friends and connections and, of course, continue learning all that I can. We also look forward to another trip home in September, assuming everything goes to plan, and we think it will.

I am happy. I have a loving husband who I'd do anything for and who I love with every fiber of my being, I have great friends, new and old, and I have great things to look forward to.

Here's hoping you all have a fantastic new year!