Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Living, Learning, Loving

What better way to start a new blog, I suppose, than to introduce oneself? Or, at least, one's character? It's a good way to start, I think. Yes, a good way to start.

So, this morning, I was up way too early again (it's an interesting habit I have developed, this "getting up early"). Anyway, up early and bored- well, not really bored, just not doing anything useful. The usual really: checking Facebook, checking emails, checking forums, chatting with friends. Vaguely wondering what adventure I should undertake to feed myself. That sort of thing.

Ah yes, and here's my first character detail: I ramble, and take forever to get to the point. So, moving on.

I am a California girl (yeah, go ahead, sing that song). I am 24 years old, so still young, if not as spry as I actually should be (I'm working on it). I come from a varied, if somewhat mundane background. Public school kid, local college following art, music, culinary arts, graphic design, web design, etc. Wage slave at a local market (I was the morning baker, and then moved into the coffee bar). I was pretty tired and worn out and depressed after three years of all that.

I escaped from the crazy hamster wheel in 2010, when I married the love of my life and ran away with him (not really though. I'd been planning to move in with him down there, as he had a house an and established job, and because I wanted a little adventure and something new in life.) Although I miss my family and the familiar sights of homes, I love Tasmania (which is a state of Australia, NOT a country in Africa; seriously, some of my relatives thought my husband was a black man when I first told them).

Since I've moved, I've had time to rest, recuperate from the slump the rat race had put me into, and after we got the letter granting me temporary citizenship until they got around to processing my papers, I finally had the time and energy to think about what I actually wanted.

I learned that suddenly, I had a desire to garden. Now, I've always been fascinated by growing things (plants, animals, people). It grew into a desire to grow produce organically, free of poisons and other nasty things. I started looking for and buying heirloom (open pollinated) seeds, and reading the gardening books in the book store. Then I started thinking well, a more natural lifestyle would be better. Then I finally caught on to the fact that oh, the library is a huge resource. 

I started checking books out on all kinds of subjects. Gardening in general, gardening in particular, composting, homesteading in general, animal husbandry, even homeschooling children. Tons of subjects. I swear, I think the library staff run away when they see me come in, because I almost always have my library card maxed out. When I have the books, I read them, pick out the useful bits of information that apply to me, and record them in a note book I keep. Oh, how I love my notebook.

I've started groups, a forum, I've joined forums, I've searched the internet for all sorts of information that would help me on my "self education" goals. I've made new friends with a vast array of skills, and rely on their advice and experience when I have questions, I don't just thirst for knowledge, I hunger for it, want to live for it.

So, what do I do when I'm not cramming my noggin full of cool and useful stuff? I relax. I read, draw, write fiction, watch movies or TV. I also like to think. I think while I cook, while I'm in the garden, while I lie awake in bed, before I fall asleep. I'm always thinking. Thinking is good. It keeps the gears greased and rolling smoothly.

So, that's sorta me in a somewhat sloppy nutshell: Housewife wanting an organic lifestyle, making new friends in a new place, searching for new things.

I leave you all for now with a simple message:

Live, Learn, Love.


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