Friday, April 22, 2016

S is for Small Spaces- #AtoZChallenge

As I've said before in previous blogs: I specialize in intensive, small space gardening.... mostly because I don't have a choice in the matter. My garden has about 30 square meters of usable space. Most of the space is either concrete path (which can't be blocked) or covered in brick paving stones. The rest was made up of long, narrow flower beds, which had shrubbery growing in them, or was too shaded (because of said shrubbery) to be much use as a garden bed.

I still managed to make space though. I took out shrubs and unwanted plants, moved gravel and wood chip mulch. I built on top of the narrow beds, and I built on top of the pavers themselves. My photos will show you how I arranged things to maximize on space.

Many of the beds were constructed after I moved into this house, using recycled materials, mostly in the form of concrete bricks. Some were built from purchased timbers, others were plastic planters that I bought. Two are recycled wooden crates, and I've even got several Styrofoam produce boxes for containers as well.

I also try to grow things vertically- outside the lounge window, I have a line of containers with a home made trellis providing support to scarlet runner beans.

As of this morning, a line of containers wait to be seeded with greens for the winter. They are dark colored, to absorb the sunlight and trap the heat in the soil. They are actually sitting out on the edge of the driveway, in front of our fence. Some will live in front of the fence, and others will be moved to the front porch.

Here, two beds at the back of the house lie fallow, filled with layers of soil, manure and sprouting wheat straw. They were built directly on the flower bed that lined that fence. They will offer a very promising space to grow things next year.

I'll see you tomorrow on my next blog. Live and learn!

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